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AdvanceU is a virtual based classroom with educational programs specifically designed to enhance the alignment of the fraternity/sorority experience with the changing dynamics of higher education. AdvanceU programs provide AFA members the opportunity to engage on a wide range of topics with content experts who develop curriculum with a specific set of learning outcomes geared at achieving higher levels of professional competence in our members.

Due to the generous support of Zeta Tau Alpha, AdvanceU is free to all members of the Association. This virtual classroom experience provides members with supplemental reading materials, a learning guide for each seminar, and the opportunity to engage with seminar participants following the program. The goal is to provide seminars that range from new skill development to application of new concepts. Participants are exposed to new best practices in higher education and then encouraged to apply those new concepts to our work with fraternities and sororities. Every AdvanceU session provides members the opportunity to continually develop as a professional, is grounded in the Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession, and continues to AdvanceU.

Call for Programs

We're looking to give AFA members the opportunity to engage on a wide range of topics with content experts who will develop curriculum with a specific set of learning outcomes geared at achieving higher levels of professional competence in our members. Click here to submit a program proposal.

Upcoming Programs

October Program

Advancing my Career While Staying Put: How to Continue to Develop Professionally While Staying at the Same Organization

When: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST

Abstract: Stephanie Baysinger is a Senior Recruiter at one of the world’s top consulting firms. After spending two years as an Extension Consultant for Pi Beta Phi after college, she became a professional recruiter. Tina Rivard is a Director of Business Development at a consulting firm in Washington, D.C. and continues to take on large volunteer positions for Pi Beta Phi including Director of Membership and currently Director of Chapter Operations.

Both women have sustained long tenures at their current companies while continuing to navigate the challenges and successes that come with continued professional development. Presenters will take time to share their commitment to obtaining new skills and seeking unique opportunities to foster growth in their professional careers. They will also share how their volunteer and professional Greek experiences have helped shape their road maps to their current private sector positions.

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November Program

Alpha: From Closure to Expansion

When: Friday, November 11, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. EST

Abstract: When you google “fraternity closure” the words “Miami University” and “Beta Theta Pi” are some of the most frequent that come up. We have what we considered a perfect partnership and then went through a perfect storm.  Even when you think you have a perfect partnership chapter decisions are complicated and never actually easy.

This session will highlight strategies to form partnerships, how to actually work together when times get difficult and how to stay strong when decisions get hard.  We’ll talk about the life cycle of chapters, have a conversation about the closing of chapters and re-chartering chapters and partnerships and teams.  What’s working, w hat’s not and is there a way to successfully make joint decision?


Outcomes: Participants will learn the difference between partnership and team and be challenged to think about how to utilize those teams in different ways when working to improve chapter cultures. Participants will be able to identify ways to make joint decisions between campuses and international partners through the closure and expansion processes.


Presenters: Jenny Levering, Director of Student Activities & the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Miami University and John Reineke, Director of  Cornerstone Housing Program, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity


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Previous Programs

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CAS to Navigate Professional Success

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Presented by: Marybeth Drechsler Sharp, CAS Executive Director; Noah Henry-Darwish, CAS Intern and University of Maryland Graduate Student; Lindsey Templeton, CAS Intern and University of Maryland Graduate Student; Kimberly Kruchen, CAS Intern and University of Virginia Graduate Student
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Presentation: Professional Success PDF (7.09 MB) Administration 3/1/2016

Emerging Adults

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Emerging Adults: Rethinking the Development of Students & Young Alumni presented by Amber Jolly and Annalise Sinclair.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Webinar: Emerging Adults Link Administration 3/24/2016
Slide Presentation: Emerging Adults PDF (1.21 MB) Administration 3/24/2016

Finding Passion and Purpose in Life

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Whether you are working for corporate America, enrolled in college or raising a family, continuing to find passion and purpose in life becomes more and more difficult. Brent Scarpo's program has been presented at numerous corporations, colleges, universities and associations. Participants leave the program revitalized, renewed with a new sense of passion and purpose for their lives. During this program, you will discover "The Six Secret Steps" of having a complete and wonderful life no matter what place you might be in your career.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Presentation: Finding Passion and Purpose PDF (771.96 KB) Administration 4/14/2016

Global Competency through Immersion

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Building Global Competency through Service Immersion Experiences
Presented by: Kaye Schendel
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Webinar: Service Immersion Link Administration 3/24/2016
Slide Presentation: Service Immersion PDF (12 MB) Administration 3/1/2016

Inspiring Interactions: Creating Confidence in Oth

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When is the last time you stopped to think...really think about why you do the work you do? Beyond the paycheck, beyond improving your skills, even beyond the students you serve, what really fires you up about what you do? This webinar is designed to challenge your thinking around: the reason you come in to work everyday, your role as a leader, and how you interact with the students you serve. You’ll walk away with an alternative perspective, a different way to think, act and communicate as a leader. You’ll also gain some tools that have the power to dramatically improve the relationships you are building with others. I hope you’ll join us.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Session Recording Link Administration 9/5/2014
Session Power Point Presentation PPTX (669.25 KB) Administration 9/5/2014
The Hierarchy of Conversation PDF (25.37 KB) Administration 9/5/2014

Leaning in, Standing Back and Encouraging Forward

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During the 2016 Olympics, a commentator said that Katie Ladecky “swims like a man.” Women are consistently being compared to their male peers, especially when it comes to their success. Centered around Bandura’s theory of self-efficacy, participants will engage in conversation around how the confidence gap affects our female students, employees, and ourselves. And the steps we can take to not feel sorry for being assertive, influential, confident and successful.

Learning Objectives: Participants will identify four ways to increase their assertiveness in their personal lives; will determine effective methods for supervising female staff members; and will identify three opportunities to increase confidence and self-empowerment in their female students.

Ariel Tarosky | Director of Education & Communication, Triangle Fraternity
Cat Sohor | Director of Fraternal Development, Delta Chi International Fraternity
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Presentation - Leaning in, Standing Back and Encou PDF (2.71 MB) Administration 9/29/2016

Making Sense of the Fair/Safe Campus Acts

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This summer, two pieces of legislation were introduced which would significantly alter the ways in which colleges and universities are able to respond to sexual violence on campus: the Fair Campus Act (H.R. 3408) and the Safe Campus Act (H.R. 3403). Clearly all student affairs professionals are concerned about the problem of sexual violence on campus. However, the Fair Campus and Safe Campus Acts are of particular interest to fraternity and sorority professionals due to the possible implications of the legislation on the work of their functional areas in addition to those of other campus partners.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Making Sense of the Fair Campus and Safe Campus Ac PDF (1.96 MB)  more ] Administration 10/12/2015

National Data on Fraternities and Sororities

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Using data from a nationally representative sample of students at four-year colleges and universities (The Freshman Survey), this presentation will explore incoming students’ likelihood of joining a fraternity or sorority. The discussion will highlight background characteristics and high school experiences that align with student interest in joining a Greek organization upon college entry. Data from a sample of graduating seniors (the College Senior Survey) will reveal which students ultimately joined a fraternity or sorority. Additionally, data from the College Senior Survey will provide insight into fraternity and sorority members’ college experiences and how they compare to their non-Greek peers. This comparison will be centered around a number of college outcome measures and experiences including civic engagement, leadership, and faculty interactions. Lastly, throughout the presentation, we will highlight how experiences among Greek-life participants differ between women and men.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Session Overview PDF (47.98 KB) Administration 10/1/2015
Session Recording - Webinar Link Administration 10/1/2015

Navigating Unrecognized Organizations

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Abstract: Fraternities and sororities have been a vital component of the college student experience for centuries. These organizations offer opportunities for students to learn and grow, give back, build relationships, and do the right thing. When a fraternity or a sorority chooses to operate while not officially recognized by the university, this creates significant risk for students, inter/national organizations, and the institution which also negates positive experiences for students.

This program provides participants an opportunity to understand the complexities that are present when a fraternity or a sorority decides to operate unrecognized. While the risks associated when a group operates unrecognized will be explored during this presentation, best practices will be shared for professionals to implement when working with unrecognized organizations. Lastly, tangible solutions will be offered in how to manage organizations not affiliated with the institution.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Navigating Unrecognized Organizations PDF (2.55 MB)  more ] Administration 9/6/2016

NPHC & Council Governance

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Presented by Michael V. Bowie, Collegiate Chair, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Presentation: NPHC & Council Governance PDF (9.33 MB) Administration 3/1/2016

Past, Present, and Future: What Have we Learned Ab

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The fraternal experience has changed considerably in the last 10 years. But in what measurable ways? In this webinar, we explore the changes in the fraternity/sorority experience over the past 10 years (as measured by the AFA/EBI Fraternity/Sorority Assessment), discuss reasons for these changes, and discuss the future of the fraternity/sorority experience. In 2003, AFA and EBI collaborated to create the AFA/EBI Fraternity/Sorority Assessment and over 150 institutions (surveying over 340,000 fraternity/sorority members) have utilized the assessment to better understand and improve the fraternal experience. Comparing institutions who participated in the past with those same institutions participating now, we see significant improvements in areas like understanding healthy behaviors, interpersonal competence skills, and personal development skills. We also see decline in factors like fraternity/sorority programming and overall satisfaction.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Session Recording Link Administration 9/5/2014
Webinar Companion PDF (146.21 KB) Administration 9/5/2014

Project Management Doesn’t Have to Suck

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Webinar: Project Management Link Administration 3/24/2016

Reframing the Conversation: From Problems to Preve

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What’s the problem? What’s the problem? What’s the problem? If we learned anything from Brad Pitt in Moneyball, it’s that in order to truly reframe the conversation with our students, we need to begin by thinking differently. We need an accurate description of the problem before choosing our solutions. This program will introduce participants to a prevention-focused strategic planning process and provide campus and headquarters professionals with the tools to reframe the conversation with their students in order to help them make change in their chapters and/or communities before an incident occurs.

Dr. Lori Hart, Director of Prevention Education, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
Justin Angotti, Assistant Executive Director, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Session Recording Link Administration 9/5/2014
Prevention Plan Template PDF (146.5 KB) Administration 9/5/2014
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