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Perspectives Magazine


As a quarterly magazine, Perspectives provides a forum for research, ideas, and information related to fraternities and sororities that:

  • is thought-provoking and innovative,
  • shares new information,
  • highlights best practices, and
  • challenges thought.

Perspectives promotes the exchange of various angles, arguments, contexts, and experiences to stimulate a deeper understanding of fraternity and sorority advising, education, programs, and policies.



Annie Carlson Welch, North Carolina State University

Emilee Danielson-Burke, Theta Xi Fraternity


2016 Editorial Board

Noah Borton, Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Julie Bryant, George Mason University
Carter Gilbert, Lehigh University
G. Andrew Hohn, University of Illinois
Zachary Knight, Christian Brothers University
Gabrielle Rimmaudo, Chi Psi
Kathryn Schneider, Carnegie Mellon University
Hannah Seoh, NAPA/Delta Phi Lambda Foundation
Natalie Shaak, Drexel University
Kate Steiner, Armstrong University
Nathan Thomas, Bradley University
Kate Wehby, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority


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Members of the Association receive Perspectives as a benefit of membership. Nonmembers may purchase an annual subscription for $45 here.


The Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors welcomes articles for Perspectives that seek to complement the AFA Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession identified as: Educator, Values Aligner, Collaborator, Advisor, Administrator, Researcher, Innovator, and Leader. Please contact us for a listing of topics.


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Previous Issues

Summer 2016
High Impact Practices 
 Fall 2016
The Money Issue 

Summer 2015
Who We Are &
What Motivates Us  
Fall 2015
Viewing Sexual Assault Through a New Lens
Winter 2015
From Where I Sit

Spring 2016
Future of Fraternity &
Sorority Life

Winter 2014
Analyzing our Work
Spring 2014
Mental Health & Wellness
Summer 2014
Race & Ethnicity
Spring 2015
Saving Fraternity & Sorority
Winter 2013
The Importance of Mentors
Spring 2013
Rethinking Risk Management
Summer 2013
Service: Is What We're Doing Enough?
Fall 2013
Revolutionizing Fraternity
Winter 2012
Creating a Meaningful Experience
Spring 2012
Advising Fraternities & Sororities
Summer 2012
The Call for Values Congruence
Fall 2012
A Renewed Perspective
Winter 2011
The Global Impact of Brotherhood & Sisterhood
Spring 2011
Gender Identity in the Fraternal Experience
Summer 2011
Ethics in the Fraternity/Sorority Profession
Fall 2011
Trends Affecting Fraternity/Sorority Life
Winter 2010
Supporting Students with Disabilities
Spring 2010
Responding to the Economic Crisis
Summer 2010
New Ideas for Professional Development
Fall 2010
Technology in Our Proffesion
Winter 2009
Tackling the Tough Issues
Spring 2009
Nurturing, Learning, Assessment, and Change
Summer 2009
Making Meaning of the Impact of Spirituality & Religion
Fall 2009
From Bystander Behavior to Intervention
Winter 2008
Relevant Legal Issues for Fraternity & Sorority Professionals
Spring 2008
Growing Diversity of our Sorority & Fraternity Experience
Summer 2008
Sorority & Fraternity Sustainability
Fall 2008
Practical Skills for the Sorority & Fraternity Professional
Winter 2007
Starting a Fraternity/Sorority Community-Wide Change Initiative
Spring 2007
Why We Should Close More Chapters
Summer 2007
Bringing Your "A" Game
Fall 2007
Can Women be Chauvinists? Addressing Men's Issues with Fraternity Men
Winter 2006
30th Anniversary Edition
Spring 2006
Make Every Venture an Adventure
Summer 2006
A Call for Values Congruence
Fall 2006
The Effects of Technology on the Profession
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