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AFA is the catalytic force in aligning the fraternity/sorority experience with the changing dynamics and enduring principles of higher education.
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Present at Ignite Fraternity!
Registration Ends October 2
Ignite Fraternity offers presenters 7 minutes to change the world with their innovative take on topics they have a passion for. This is your chance to spread new, groundbreaking, and exciting ideas through your beliefs and experiences! To participate, you just need to prepare 20 slides. During the presentation, these slides will advance every 20 seconds whether you’re ready or not. This is the must-see event of the Annual Meeting!


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AFA Annual Meeting Support Opportunities Now Available
Opportunities Close October 4
AFA and the AFA Foundation have are working to streamline our Annual Meeting support opportunities. All funds received in support of the AFA Annual Meeting (with the exception of direct advertising items) will be processed through the AFA Foundation. This will allow the individual/organization to receive donor credit towards both their annual giving and lifetime giving to the AFA Foundation. The AFA Foundation offers a diverse and flexible selection of recognition options in exchange for your support!


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