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AdvanceU is a virtual based classroom with educational programs specifically designed to enhance the alignment of the fraternity/sorority experience with the changing dynamics of higher education. AdvanceU programs provide AFA members the opportunity to engage on a wide range of topics with content experts who develop curriculum with a specific set of learning outcomes geared at achieving higher levels of professional competence in our members.

Due to the generous support of Zeta Tau Alpha through an endowment with the AFA Foundation, AdvanceU is free to all members of the Association. This virtual classroom experience provides members with supplemental reading materials, a learning guide for each seminar, and the opportunity to engage with seminar participants following the program. The goal is to provide seminars that range from new skill development to application of new concepts. Participants are exposed to new best practices in higher education and then encouraged to apply those new concepts to our work with fraternities and sororities. Every AdvanceU session provides members the opportunity to continually develop as a professional, is grounded in the Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession, and continues to AdvanceU.

Call for Programs

We're looking to give AFA members the opportunity to engage on a wide range of topics with content experts who will develop curriculum with a specific set of learning outcomes geared at achieving higher levels of professional competence in our members. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Diana Coyle, AFA Director of Education & Programs. 


Upcoming Program

NIC Health and Safety Standards: From Policy to Practice, The Journey of Harm Reduction and Accountability 

Thursday, March 28 | 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EDT 

2019 brings new policies and standards from the North American Interfraternity Conference regarding health and safety and chapter operations. As advisors, it is important to understand where the fraternal world was, how it lead to the creation of these policies, and how to best create community procedures and standards which put these expectations into action.


This program will equip participants with the tools to successfully advise their chapters and IFCs in moving forward and being proactive as it relates to health and safety concerns and allows time to take a deeper look at the similarities and differences between NIC health and safety standards and FIPG. Special attention will be given to the work of advisors who are supporting a council who is choosing a harm reduction approach to member safety while still holding chapters accountable for policy violations.


Through this program, it will be clear to see how campus and headquarters professionals can work together to engage IFC men in creating a community that adheres to these standards to create a healthier and safer fraternal member experience. 

Presented by:

  • Archie Messersmith-Bunting, Vice President for Campus Operations and Health & Safety, North American Interfraternity Conference
  • Will Foran, Vice President of Campus Operations, North American Interfraternity Conference

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Previous Programs

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Recent Programs

Supporting Students with Disabilities in FSL

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Creating Inclusionary Practices & Partnerships to Support Students with Disabilities in the Fraternity/Sorority Experience

This presentation will focus on a current campus partnership model between the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and the Student Disability Resource Center at the University of South Carolina. Typical areas of partnership will be discussed with lessons learned and potential implications/recommendations for other universities. Topics covered will relate to accommodations in housing, food services, and community/office programming.

Presenters: Jarod Holt, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, University of South Carolina, and Karen Pettus, Director of Student Disability Resource Center, University of South Carolina
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Deck: Supporting Students w/ Disabilities PDF (3.66 MB) Administration 11/8/2018
Full Presentation: Supporting Students Link Administration 11/8/2018

“I Need To Talk”: F/S Advisors & the Clery Act

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Fraternity/sorority advisors foster trust and community within fraternities and sororities and students often look to them for support. When a student (or an employee or visitor) discloses sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and certain other crimes, federal laws require certain individuals to report these incidents to other campus officials and there are options and resources that must be made available to the reporting party.

Presenter: Abigail Boyer, MS, Associate Executive Director, Clery Center
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Presentation: I Need to Talk Link Administration 5/17/2018
Slide Deck: I Need to Talk PDF (731.31 KB) Administration 5/17/2018

Being “Inclusive” in an Exclusive Community

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Being “Inclusive” in an Exclusive Community: Examining Transgender Membership Within Private Fraternal Organizations

If a transgender student came into your office and asked about their eligibility to join a fraternal organization, would you know how to respond? What about if a chapter approached you to ask whether they could initiate a transgender student? An increasing number of fraternal organizations are taking steps to clarify their policies on whether transgender students are eligible for membership, but the conversation is far from over. After a review on the basics of the transgender identity, this panel will settle the questions surrounding the role of Title IX in social fraternal organizations. Participants will then learn about the legal foundations of private organizations and how campus-based professionals can successfully advocate for their students, despite the limitations of the law.

Presenters: Beth Stathos, Stevie Tran and Nathan Arrowsmith.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Deck: Being Inclusive in an Exclusive Comm. PDF (4.61 MB) Administration 1/23/2018
Full Presentation: Being Inclusive in an Exclusive Link Administration 1/23/2018

Competency Design: Using Logic & Patterns

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Are you stuck, frustrated, or procrastinating on building programs for your students and team this year? During this AdvanceU, we will cover how to build competencies as a framework for the programming and education you do as a higher education professional. {This will make your job so much easier and create a set of bumpers for success.}

By integrating competency models into your work, you will set your top priorities for the year and build something meaningful for the students and staff you work with. Competency models allow you to use logic and patterns to develop others, instead of guessing where to start! This AdvanceU will walk through the steps to build a competency model and allow you to learn about its practical application by hearing how AFA has developed and executed its new core competencies.

Presenters: Erin Fischer, The Leadership & Training Studio, and Dan Wrona, RISE Partnerships
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Presentation: Competency Design Link Administration 1/31/2019
Slide Deck: Competency Design PDF (1.74 MB) Administration 1/31/2019

Engaging w/ Public Policy as a Higher Ed Prof

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Building a Foundation for Engaging with Public Policy as a Higher Education Professional

Many of the issues occupying the minds of public policymakers around the country are directly related to the day to day work of campus-based and association professionals working in higher education. Join us to learn more about how and why you – no matter your chosen career or area of focus – can and should engage more directly in public policy conversations related to student aid and the tax code, sexual assault prevention, trans student rights, international and undocumented student protections, campus free speech, and more. This session will provide a broad overview of the federal and state policy landscape with a special focus on issues pertinent to higher education as a background for examples used in the presentation.

Presenters: Teri Lyn Hinds, Director of Policy Research & Advocacy, NASPA, and Jim Clarke, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, ASAE
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Deck: Public Policy as a Higher Ed Prof. PDF (2.99 MB) Administration 9/19/2018
Full Presentation: Public Policy as a Higher Ed. Link Administration 9/24/2018

Framework for Addressing Disruptive & Dangerous

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A Framework for Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior on Campus

Dr. Van Brunt discusses the three phases of Behavioral Intervention and CARE team functioning: data gathering and advertising, analysis and application of a risk rubric, and intervention. Brian will review the importance of community buy-in and marketing the team, the use of a consistent risk rubric and threat assessment process, and the teaching of specific intervention skills needed to better identify and address disruptive and dangerous behaviors in and out of the classroom.

Presenter: Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D., Executive Director of NaBITA
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Presentation - Addressing Disruptive & Dangerous Link  more ] Administration 8/23/2018
Slide Deck: Addressing Disruptive & Dangerous PDF (2.52 MB) Administration 8/23/2018
BIT Foundational Issues Summary Sheet PDF (157.19 KB) Administration 8/23/2018
NaBITA Whitepaper - Who's on the Team? PDF (1.17 MB) Administration 8/23/2018
Informing Prevention & Intervention Measures PDF (1.23 MB) Administration 8/23/2018
Disruptive & Dangerous Behavior PDF (434.51 KB) Administration 8/23/2018
Whitepaper - Addressing Disruptive & Dangerous PDF (424.14 KB) Administration 8/23/2018
NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool PDF (432.24 KB) Administration 8/23/2018

National Data on Fraternities & Sororities

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Using data from a nationally representative sample of students at four-year colleges and universities, this presentation will explore incoming students’ likelihood of joining a fraternity or sorority. The discussion will highlight background characteristics and high school experiences that align with student interest in joining a fraternity or sorority upon college entry. Data from a sample of graduating seniors will reveal which students ultimately joined a fraternity or sorority. Additionally, data from the College Senior Survey will provide insight into fraternity and sorority members’ college experiences and how they compare to their non-Greek peers. This comparison will be centered around a number of college outcome measures and experiences including civic engagement, leadership, and faculty interactions.

Presenter: Ellen Bara Stolzenberg, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Research at the Higher Education Research Institute
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Deck: National Data PDF (2.51 MB) Administration 6/28/2018
Full Presentation: National Data Link Administration 6/28/2018

Open Your Eyes: Race, Racism, and Inclusion

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Lawrence Ross is a noted author and speaker on topics involving race, campus climate and the intersection with fraternities and sororities. In this session of Advance U, Ross will focus the discussion on the history of the white supremacy and white nationalist movements, how it impacts campus culture directly and indirectly, and what you as a professional need to know to tackle this difficult subject effectively. Fraternity and sorority professionals can play a key role in both facilitating positive and productive conversations about race and helping enact policies that ensure a welcoming and safe environment on campus.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Open Your Eyes AFA Webinar.pdf PDF (21.16 MB) Administration 9/29/2017
Open Your Eyes: Full Webinar Link Administration 9/29/2017

Partnerships with Purpose: FEA & ASCA Joint

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The Fraternity Executives Association and its members seek to form an open and collaborative partnership with host institutions and student conduct staff members to fairly and appropriately adjudicate organizational conduct issues. In support of this effort, the Association for Student Conduct Administration and the Fraternity Executives Association have partnered together to produce a guidance document that is intended to provide suggested protocol for both inter/national and campus conduct staff when working together to address an allegation of chapter misconduct. The presenters will review the components and suggested implementation of this guidance.

Presentation Team:
- Laura Matthews, Lynn University, Director, Student Conduct and Community Standards
- Tanner Marcantel, Executive Director of Theta Xi Fraternity
- Justin Angotti, Assistant Executive Director of Prevention & Accountability, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Presentation: Partnerships with Purpose Link Administration 3/30/2018
Slide Deck: Partnerships with Purpose PDF (2.43 MB) Administration 3/30/2018
Communication & Collaboration Guidance Resource Link Administration 3/30/2018

Town Hall to Discuss NPHC Strategies

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A Town Hall to Discuss NPHC Strategies for Addressing Academics, Hazing, Sexual Assault, Leadership Development & Chapter Size

During the 2017 AFA Meeting, NPHC leaders and campus professionals met to identify issues impacting councils and chapters on their campus under six themes: Academic Performance, Hazing, Sexual Assault, Chapter Size, Risk Management, and Leadership Development. The NPHC leadership summarized the collected information and met with campus professionals and drafted strategies to address these areas. This town hall will include a presentation of the drafted plan and feedback from the participants. The final document, once completed, will be sent to the NPHC Council of Presidents for final approval.

Presenters: Jennifer M. Jones, NPHC Immediate Past President, & Michael V. Bowie, NPHC Collegiate Chair.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Deck: NPHC Town Hall PDF (800.5 KB) Administration 10/17/2018
Full Presentation: NPHC Town Hall Link Administration 10/17/2018

Using CAS for Effective Professional Practice

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For almost 40 years, the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) has provided a general structure for good practice in enacting work in higher education. AFA has had a long-standing role in making that happen and has been a member of the Consortium for just over 35 of those years. Fraternity and Sorority Advising Programs, the Standards for good practice in implementing a campus-based Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life, can be a useful tool for practitioners to review as they create departmental infrastructure and launch efforts to assess effectiveness and delivery of services.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Presentation - Using CAS Standards Link  more ] Administration 2/28/2018
Slide Deck: Using CAS Standards PDF (4.76 MB) Administration 2/28/2018

What Does this Mean for Me?: Collaborate with BITs

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What Does this Mean for Me?: A Practical Application of How to Collaborate with Behavioral Intervention Teams

We will build upon our recent webinar, A Framework for Addressing Disruptive & Dangerous Behavior on Campus, with practical application examples and discussion from both the campus-based and the headquarters professional’s perspectives. Allie Crouse Crolata, of Delta Gamma Executive Offices, will share the outcome of their recent Mental Health Response Procedures working group. Ro-Anne Royer Engle, of Ball State University, will outline the strategies they utilize to collaborate with their fraternity and sorority professionals when responding to a crisis. By attending this AdvanceU program, participants will expand upon their knowledge of behavioral intervention and identify ways in which they can integrate best practices into their daily work.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Deck: What Does this Mean for Me? PDF (903.38 KB) Administration 8/30/2018
Full Presentation: What Does this Mean for Me? Link Administration 8/30/2018
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