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CFSR Grant & Award Winners
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CFSR is uniquely positioned to serve as an advocate for the inspiration, funding, vetting, and recognition of research related to the fraternity/sorority movement.  As a non-for-profit organization we have given out over $13,000 in research grants and recognition over the past seven years to promote research on fraternities and sororities.

Adele Williamson Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

  • 2010: Jason Goldfarb, "Student Spiritual Development Associated with Fraternity Affiliation"
  • 2011: Helen Porter, "Interactional Diversity Experiences Through Co-Curricular Involvement: An Examination and Analysis of the Experience of Greek Student Leaders”
  • 2013: Jaclyn D’Andrea,"Hyper-Gender Roles in Relation to Sexual Aggression"
  • 2015: Kevin M. Carey, “Black Greek Letter Fraternity Men: Constructions of Masculinities and Racial Identity”
  • 2016: Kelsey Elam-Geutin, "Peer Educators in National Panhellenic Conference Sororities"

Richard McKaig Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

  • 2007: Juan Guardia, "Nuestra identidad y experiencias (Our identity and experiences): Ethnic identity development of Latino fraternity members at a Hispanic Serving Institution"
  • 2008: Genevieve Evans Taylor, "Leadership Programs Sponsored by Inter/National Sororities as Related to Key Leadership Components"
  • 2009: Cassie Gerhardt, "The Social Change Model of Leadership Development: Differences in Leadership Development by Levels of Student Involvement with Various University Student Groups"
  • 2010: Helen Grace-Ryan, "Class Matters: The Experiences of Female College Students in a Greek-Letter Organization"
  • 2012: Donald Mitchell, "Are They Truly Divine?: A Grounded Theory of the Influences of Black Greek-lettered Organizations on the Persistence of African Americans at Predominantly White Institutions"
  • 2013: Anita Cory, "The Influence of Fraternity or Sorority Membership on the Leadership Identity Development of College Student Leaders"
  • 2016: Kristin Walker, "How Sorority Alumnae Remember Acquiring the Skills Necessary to Navigate their Careers: A Narrative Inquiry"

Research Grants

  • 2006: Kaye Schendel, $800, "Call for Values Congruence." 
  • 2006: Jason Rosco, $300, Social status of fraternities and attitudes toward sexual assault.
  • 2007: Grahaeme Hesp, $200, “Out of the Closet and on to Fraternity Row: An Ethnographic Study of Heterosexism and Homophobia in a College Fraternity Community.”
  • 2008: Renee Piquette, $250, “Sorority Retention: The Effect of Membership Satisfaction and Persistence”
  • 2008: Dana Umscheid,$300, “A Comparison of Educational Interventions Shaping Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors, Behavioral Intent, and Peer Influence Regarding the Gynecological Exam Among Sorority Women at a Large Midwestern University”
  • 2008: Sara Farmer, $300, “Race, Privilege, and the Greek System”
  • 2009: Helen Grace Ryan, $300, “Class Matters: The Experience of Women in a Self-Perpetuating Student Organization.”
  • 2009: Scott Reikofski, $500, “A comparative study of organizational change and planning efforts for fraternity system management: The University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Pennsylvania.”
  • 2010: Craig Tollini, $500, “Fraternity Members’ Views of Negative Stereotypes.”
  • 2011: Pietro Sasso, $750, “Towards a typology of Fraternity/Sorority Programs: A Content Analysis”
  • 2012: K. Joy Hamm, $500, “Impact of Alcohol Skills Training Program on College Fraternity Members’ Drinking Behaviors.”
  • 2012: Nikki Laird, $350, “Leadership Development of Gay Men in NIC Fraternities.” 
  • 2013: Donald Mitchell, $1000, “A 20 year history of Black Greek-lettered Organization Research and Scholarship.”
  • 2014: Andre Brown, $500, “Racial Identity Development in Black Men in College.”
  • 2014: Carina Bauman,$500, “Asian American Sorority Language Use and the Construction of Individual and Group Identity.”
  • 2014: Colleen Kase,$150, Relationship between Participation and Outcomes of the Sorority Recruitment Process and Social Support.”
  • 2014: David Glerum, $350, “Taking the ‘Pulse’ of the Chapter: the Development of a Battery of Organizational Climate Surveys.”
  • 2014: Ebelia Hernandez, $500, “Latinas/os in Greek-Letter Organizations- Linking Engagement with College Student Organizations."
  • 2014: Sean Hernandez, $350, “Sexual Economics.”
  • 2014: Shawna Patterson,$500, Letters of the Spectrum: The Development of LGBT Counter-Spaces within the American Black Greek-Lettered Organization System.”
  • 2015Joseph Simmons-Rudolph, $1972, “Secondary Analysis of Greek experience Survey and Fraternity and Sorority Experience Survey”
  • 2015: Joseph Simmons-Rudolph, $657, “Understanding Fraternity Membership”
  • 2015: Ryan Bronkema, $1000, “Pathways from Fraternities into the Field of Student Affairs.”
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