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FIPG Policy No Longer Exists

Wednesday, April 17, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Andrea Starks-Corbin
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On behalf of FEA, we would like to share their latest press release below. If you have questions, please reach out to Nicki Meneley, Chief Executive Officer, Fraternity Executives Association.


What Happened to FIPG?

All national organizations and colleges and universities are asked to no longer refer to ‘FIPG Policies’ when discussing alcohol, drug, and safety policies with fraternities or sororities. The term FIPG should no longer be used.

We recognize that colleges and universities would prefer to reference standard policies that are also being adopted by the majority of fraternities and sororities. We recommend that your campus refers to the policies that have been developed by the NIC and NPC as a majority of their member organizations are adopting these policies.

Moving forward references such as “refer to the FIPG policy” or “our organization/campus follows FIPG policy” should be adjusted to remove FIPG and merely include the risk management guidelines you intended that may or may not align with NIC or NPC standards.

History of FIPG
FIPG was formed in 1987 by 11 men’s national fraternities as a means of purchasing liability insurance. Although FIPG never served that specific purpose, the process of creating the group required the development and adoption of a policy regarding risk management. For many years, that policy was known as the “FIPG policy.”

Membership expanded over the years to fifty women’s and men’s national fraternities and sororities along with several umbrella organizations such as the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and more recently the National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA). FIPG maintained its status during that time as a membership-driven non-profit association with a board of directors. Member organizations paid yearly dues and agreed to follow the policy as a minimum standard.

The FIPG policy became the standard for many campuses as well as its member organizations and others. The policy was edited and expanded on a number of occasions to address and accommodate changes in the chapter and institutional culture as well as best practices.

In 2014 the FIPG board of directors voted to begin the process of ending FIPG as a stand-alone association with the understanding that it would become a temporary sub-committee of FEA during the transition. A membership vote formally approved that change in March of 2016. An attorney was retained to guide FIPG through the process of winding up its affairs. Member organizations will note that an invoice for membership dues for 2015-2016 was not sent out and no annual meeting was held that summer during the FEA meeting.

As of 2016, the FIPG organization and the policies referred to by national headquarters and campuses as FIPG policies were disbanded and no longer used as a reference.

A communication was sent in August of 2016 to all members of FEA and our campus partners that outlined the discontinuance of FIPG as a “policy.” However, organizations and campuses were welcome to use similar language when writing or updating their own risk management policies. It was further suggested at the time that references such as “refer to the FIPG policy” or “our organization/campus follows FIPG policy” be discontinued.

While FIPG served a valuable purpose for significant period of time, both its organizational status and guidance no longer exist.

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