AdvanceU is a virtual based classroom with educational programs specifically designed to enhance the alignment of the fraternity/sorority experience with the changing dynamics of higher education. AdvanceU programs provide AFA members the opportunity to engage on a wide range of topics with content experts who develop curriculum with a specific set of learning outcomes geared at achieving higher levels of professional competence in our members.

Thanks to the generous support of Zeta Tau Alpha through an endowment with the AFA Foundation, AdvanceU is free to all members of the Association. This virtual classroom experience provides members with supplemental reading materials, a learning guide for each seminar, and the opportunity to engage with seminar participants following the program.


The goal of AdvanceU is to provide seminars that range from new skill development to application of new concepts. Participants are exposed to new best practices in higher education and then encouraged to apply those new concepts to our work with fraternities and sororities. Every AdvanceU session provides members the opportunity to continually develop as a professional, is grounded in the Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession, and continues to AdvanceU.


All previous webinars and slides can be found below. 


Call for programs

We're looking to give AFA members the opportunity to engage on a wide range of topics with content experts who will develop curriculum with a specific set of learning outcomes geared at achieving higher levels of professional competence in our members. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Diana Coyle, director of education & programs. 


Upcoming programs 

Understanding Campus and Community Relationships: Towards Active Engagement in Town-Gown Relations
September 26, 2019 | 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EDT

Colleges and universities are in the midst of major transformations redefining relationships with the broader community. This program will focus on the critical importance of engaging community partners for the social revitalization of communities, both rural and urban, and the need to move away from the US versus THEM approach to dealing with town and gown conflicts. The session will cover the essential planning and communication skills necessary for town and gown cooperation. Case studies highlighting successful partnerships in creating a balance in relationships will be used, as will current research from members of the International Town and Gown Association.

Program attendees will grow their knowledge in the Core Competencies of Operating Strategically & Collaborating with Stakeholders.

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Action Research as Professional Development


Advancing my Career While Staying Put


Being “Inclusive” in an Exclusive Community


Building a Culture of Assessment Supporting the Fraternity & Sorority Experience


Building a Foundation for Engaging with Public Policy as a Higher Education Professional


Creating Inclusionary Practices & Partnerships to Support Students with Disabilities in FSL


CAS Boot Camp: Fraternity/Sorority Advising Programs


CAS to Navigate Professional Success


Character Development: Let's Start a Revolution


Collabor8. Cre8. Innov8.


Competency Design: Using Logic & Patterns

Generation Z: A New Generation Coming into Focus

Making Sense of the Fair/Safe Campus Acts


National Data on Fraternities & Sororities


Navigating Unrecognized Organizations


NIC Health & Safety Standards: From Policy to Practice, The Journey of Harm Reduction & Accountability


NPHC & Council Governance


Open Your Eyes: Race, Racism, & Inclusion After Charlottesville

Supervisor 101: How to be a Great Boss


Tips to Make Your Curriculum Writing Life Easier


Town Hall to Discuss NPHC Strategies


2013 Amendments to the Jeanne Clery Act: What You Need to Know


Understanding the First Amendment & Free Speech in Higher Education


Using CAS Standards for Effective Professional Practice in Fraternity/Sorority Advising

Drinking Before The Party An Examination of Pregaming Behavior Among College Students


Driven to Distraction at Work How to Focus & Be More Productive Following the #AFAAM


Emerging Adults


Exploring Transition & Success in Your New Role


Finding Passion & Purpose in Life: The Six Secret Steps


FIPG: Risk Management is Everyone’s Responsibility


Five Big Questions! A Positive Approach to Hazing


Framework for Addressing Disruptive & Dangerous Behavior on Campus

Leaning in, Standing Back & Encouraging Forward

Partnerships with Purpose: The FEA & ASCA Joint Communication & Collaboration Guide


Past, Present, & Future: What Have We Learned about the Fraternity/Sorority Experience


Power of the Pause: Are Moratoriums the Answer?


Project Management Doesn’t Have to Suck


Reframing the Conversation From Problems to Prevention

What Does this Mean for Me?: A Practical Application of How to Collaborate with Behavioral Intervention Teams

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