Individual Awards
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Individual Awards

Amy Vojta Outstanding AFA Foundation Volunteer Award

This award was established in 2019 and recognizes an AFA Foundation volunteer that has gone above and beyond to advance the mission of the AFA Foundation and encourage others to do the same.

 Year  Recipients
 2019  Amy Vojta, Rutgers University


Shelley Sutherland Outstanding Volunteer Award

This award was established in 2003 and re-named for Shelley Sutherland upon her retirement in 2011. The purpose is to annually recognize outstanding volunteer service by an association member in an official AFA volunteer role. The individual has devoted significant time and energy supporting association initiatives or efforts through their volunteer role. They are consistent and reliable, communicative, and committed to the values and mission of the association as demonstrated through their service.

 Year  Recipients
 2019  Emilie Dye, Duke University
 Kim Monteaux De Freitas, Ohio State University 
 2018  Tyler Manning, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
 Dan Wrona, RISE Partnerships 
 2017  Lindsay Sell, Colorado State University
 Emilee Danielson-Burke, Theta Xi Fraternity
 Cassie Gerhardt, University of North Dakota
 2016  Annie Carlson Welch, North Carolina State University
 Daniel Hernandez, University of Texas at Dallas
 Christine Lowe, Sigma Kappa
 2015   Amy Vojta, Rutgers University
 2014  Beth Conder, Butler University
 Dr. Anita Cory, University of Iowa
 Steve Whitby, Warehouse 242
 2013  Christine Loy, Essentials editorial board, Sigma Kappa
 Viancca Williams, Annual Meeting Educational Programs chair, University of South Florida
 Emilee Danielson Burke, Essentials editorial board, Shippensburg University
 Noah Borton, Perspectives editorial board, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity
 2012  Teniell Trolian, Perspectives editorial board, University of Iowa
 Heather Matthews Kirk, AdvanceU Planning Team, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity
 Allison St. Germain, Perspectives editor, Delta Zeta Sorority
 2011  Alex Brown, Region I Membership, Marketing, and Recruitment Team, Keene State College
 Amy Colvin, First 90 Days Program chair, Alpha Chi Omega
 Jennifer Leung, Annual Meeting Planning Team chair, College of William & Mary
 Liz Osborne, Essentials editorial board, Oklahoma State University
 2010  Robin Carr, Region III Membership, Marketing, and Recruitment Team, Eastern Illinois University
 Brian Clarke, Region V Membership, Marketing, and Recruitment Team, University of California, Irvine
 Philip Covington, Student Conduct Resource Guide, University of South Dakota
 Emilee Danielson, Essentials editorial board, Shippensburg State University
 Cat Sohor, IFC Resource Guide chair, Advising Fraternities and Sororities Manual Workgroup,  Region I MMR Team,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Teniell Trolian, Essentials editorial board, Kent State University
 2009  Dan Bureau, CAS liaison, Indiana University
 Jenni Glick, Essentials editorial board, Northwestern University
 Dominic Greene, Awards & Recognition chair, Northwestern University
 Johanne Jensen, Essentials editorial board, University of Arizona
 Emily Perlow, Essentials editor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
 2008  Jason Bergeron, Assessment Committee, Michigan Technological University
 Veronica Hunter, Membership Intake Workgroup, Lehigh University
 Jackie Isaacson, Essentials editorial board, Phi Mu Fraternity
 Helen Rotnem, Consultant Training Workgroup chair, The Ohio State University
 Lindsay Sell, Essentials editorial board, University of Connecticut
 2007  Anne Arseneau, volunteer coordinator, College of William & Mary
 Thad Doyle, region III director, University of Akron
 Chad Ellsworth, Research Advancement Committee chair, University of Minnesota
 Will Foran, Essentials editorial board, Western Illinois University
 Lea Hanson, Essentials editor, Colorado State University
 Casey Stevents, First 90 Days Program chair, University of Tampa
 2006  Dan Bureau, Oracle associate editor, Perspectives editorial board, NHS/NHPW liaison, Indiana University
 Beth Conder, 2007 Conference chair, Alpha Chi Omega
 Erin Huffman, Essentials editorial board, Northwestern University
 Zach Nicolazzo, Essentials editorial board, Dartmouth College
 Allison Swick-Duttine, Perspectives editor, SUNY - Plattsburgh
 2005  Michael Esposito, Nominating Committee, Boise State University
 Lea Hanson Leier, Professional Development Committee chair, Colorado State University
 Timothy Haskell, Oracle advisory board, Chapman University
 Grahaeme Hesp, Oracle editor, Florida State University
 Kelly Jo Karnes, 2006 Conference chair, Old Dominion University
 Billy Molasso, Oracle advisory board, Northern Illinois University
 2004  Cassie Barnhardt, Perspectives editor, Dartmouth University
 Kyle Jordan, Pacific Northwest area coordinator, Washington State University
 Tracy Maxwell, Hazing Prevention Workgroup, CAMPUSPEAK
 Stephen Rupprecht, NASPA liaison, Drexel University
 Linda Wardhammar, Editorial board, Teller, Nominating Committee, Hazing Prevention Workgroup, Saint Louis University
 2003  Bob Gordon, IATF liaison, BG Consulting
 Lillian Hallstrand, Diversity Issues Committee, Baldwin-Wallace College
 Doug Lange, CAS liaison, Evolve Learning
 Karyn Nishimura Sneath, Graduate Training Track Workgroup, Npower
 2002  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Janna Basler, Kansas/Missouri area coordinator, University of Missouri-Columbia
 Ossie Benitah, Florida area coordinator, Embry-Riddle University
 Kathleen Holmes, Pacific Northwest area coordinator, University of Puget Sound
 Kevin Konecny, Ohio area coordinator, Bowling Green State University
 Dino Martinez, Ohio area coordinator, Miami University
 David Rogers, New England area coordinator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Outstanding Liaison: Bob Gordon, IATF liaison, University of Akron
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Beth Saul, Student Development Committee, University of Southern  California
 2001  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Monica Lee Miranda, New York area coordinator, University of Rochester
 Todd Sullivan, Florida area coordinator, Florida International University
 Kristin Norton, Indiana area coordinator, Depauw University
 Bryan VanOsdale, Iowa/Missouri area coordinator, Northwest Missouri State University
 Jamison Keller, Southern California/Nevada area coordinator, California State University, Northridge
 Outstanding Liaison: Victor Felts, NIC liaison, Louisiana State University
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Dan Bureau, Professional & Student Development Overall chair, University of  Illinois
 2000  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Brenda Lutovsky, Eastern Pennsylvania area coordinator, Shippensburg University
 Jay Anhorn, North Carolina/South Carolina area coordinator, Coastal Carolina University
 Angelina Flinn, Illinois area coordinator, Illinois Wesleyan University
 Phil Covington, Nebraska/Kansas area coordinator, Emporia State University
 Outstanding Liaisons
 Gregory Singleton, FEA liaison, University of Miami
 Jim Johnson, ACUI liaison, Southern Indiana University
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Matt Butts, Risk Management Committee, Kent State University
 1999  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Colleen Brannan, NY Public Schools area coordinator, SUNY Oneonta
 Damien Duchamp, Virginia area coordinator, Longwood College
 Ed Lenane, Southern Ohio area coordinator, Denison University
 Matt Butts, Northern Ohio area coordinator, Kent State University
 Dan Bureau, New Mexico/Arizona area coordinator, University of New Mexico
 Phil Covington, Nebraska/Kansas area coordinator, Emporia State University
 Outstanding Liaison: Richard Walker, NIC liaison, University of Miami
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Cairn Anderson Lindloff, Professional & Student Development Overall committee, Colorado School of Mines
 1998  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Teri Gerberg Reinhart, New Jersey area coordinator, The College of New Jersey
 Pete Jones, North Carolina/South Carolina area coordinator, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
 Genevieve Evans Taylor, MN, WI, SD, ND area coordinator, University of South Dakota
 Barb Treadway, IA, KS, NE, MO area coordinator, University of Nebraska, Omaha
 Tricia Durgin, WA,ID,MT,OR area coordinator, University of Idaho
 Outstanding Liaison: Judy Preston, AFA/NPHC liaison, University of Connecticut
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Tracy Maxwell, Current Issues Overall committee, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
 1997  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Rick Brown, New Jersey area coordinator, New Jersey Institute of Technology
 Stevan Veldkamp, Michigan area coordinator, Western Michigan University
 Beth Searcy, North Carolina & South Carolina area coordinator, Gardner-Webb College
 Scott Carter, Southern California area coordinator, UCLA
 Outstanding Liaison: Claudia Shamp, AFA/NPC liaison, University of Georgia
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Gary Dickstein, Professional Development Committee, Wright State University
 1996  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Michael Wiseman, Eastern Region area coordinator, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
 Chip Marrara, Southern Region area coordinator, University of Georgia
 Rosalind Roland, Mid-American Region area coordinator, St. Mary's University
 Frank Shushok, Western Region area coordinator, Northern Arizona University
 Outstanding Conference Committee Chair: Charlie Warner, Publications chair, West Chester University
 Outstanding Liaison: Douglas Lange, CAS liason, South Dakota School of Mines &  Technology
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Peter Smithhisler, Marketing & Membership Development chair, Colorado State University
 1995  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Neal Dorow, Eastern area coordinator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Lori Hart, Southern area coordinator, Georgia State University
 Rosalind Roland, Mid-American area coordinator, St. Mary's University
 Mary Korte, Mid-American area coordinator, Iowa State University
 Vickie Geary, Western area coordinator, California State Polytechnic University
 Mariam Taft, Western area coordinator, Santa Clara University
 Outstanding Conference Committee Chair: Amy Vojta, Publications committee, Miami University
 Outstanding Liaison: Jennifer Jones, NPHC liaison, University of Arizona
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: John Logan, University of Cincinnati
 1994  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Neal Dorow, Eastern area coordinator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Marian Taft, Western area coordinator, Santa Clara University
 Andy Robison, Eastern area coordinator, University of New Hampshire
 Todd Wiggen, Southern area coordinator, West Georgia College
 Jane Campaigne, Mid-American area coordinator, Indiana University
 Nancy Bihl-Rutkowski, Mid-Amercian area coordinator, Ohio Wesleyan University
 Outstanding Conference Committee Chair: Linda Wilson-Davis, Workshops
 Outstanding Liaison: Alison Bartel-Lord, AFA/NPC liaison
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Brit Katz, Awards chair
 1993  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Edward Dadez, Eastern area coordinator, Bucknell University
 John Logan, Mid-American area coordinator, University of Houston
 Steve Dealph, Southern area coordinator, Longwood College
 Helen Becker, Western area coordinator, University of Washington
 Outstanding Conference Committee Chairs:
 Shelli Herman, University of Florida
 Nancy Bihl-Rutkowski, Ohio Wesleyan
 Outstanding Liaison: Ron Binder, University of Georgia
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Marita Labedz-Poll, University of Rochester
 1992  Outstanding Area Coordinators
 Charlie Warner, Eastern area coordinator, West Chester University
 Pete Smithhisler, Mid-American area coordinator, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
 Shelli Herman, Southern area coordinator, University of Florida
 Cari Cohen, Western area coordinator, University of California, Fullerton
 Carolyn Soth, Western area coordinator, San Jose State University
 Outstanding Liaisons: Marita Labedz-Poll, AFA/NACA liaison, University of Rochester
 Outstanding Member Services Chair: Rick Morat, Diversity Issues Committee, California State University, San Diego


Dr. Kent L. Gardner Award

This award is presented to a senior college/university administrator (president/chancellor, provost, senior student affairs officer, etc.) who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the advancement of fraternities and sororities. The individual should have demonstrated a long-standing record of support and advocacy for the fraternal experiences on the campus on which the individual has worked, commitment to fostering positive change in the fraternity/sorority community, building partnerships within higher education and the interfraternal community, and mentoring both new and seasoned professionals.

 Year Recipient
 2019  Dr. Joanne Smith, Texas State University – San Marcos
 2018  Richard Walker, Ed. D, University of Houston System
 2017  Melissa Vito, Ph.D., University of Arizona
 2016  Walter M. Kimbrough, Ph.D., Dillard University
 2015  Ginger Ambler, Ph.D., College of William & Mary
 2014  Gregory Singleton, Austin Peay State University
 2013  Dr. Kent L. Gardner


Jack L. Anson Award

This award is presented to an individual not employed in the field of higher education who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the fraternal movement beyond his/her respective organization. Winners have assisted in developing partnerships with higher education and the interfraternal community, fostered positive change to advance the fraternal movement, and served as a role model for students and/or professionals.

 Year   Recipient
 2019  Dr. Mari Ann Callais, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity
 2018  Jessica Gendron Williams, The Center for Leadership Excellence
 2017  Kaye E. Schendel, Delta Upsilon Fraternity
 2016  Lori Hart, Ph.D., Pi Kappa Phi
 2015  Tom Jelke, Ph.D., T. Jelke Solutions
 2014  Elizabeth “Betty” Ahlemeyer Quick, Gamma Phi Beta, National Panhellenic Conference
 2013  Rick Barnes, Pennington & Co., CAMPUSPEAK, Rick Barnes Presents
 2012  Mary Peterson, Sigma Lambda Beta/Sigma Lambda Gamma
 2011  Mark Koepsell, Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values
 2010  Julie Cain Burkhard, Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity
 2009  Peter D. Smithhisler, North-American Interfraternity Conference
 2008  Sue Kraft Fussell, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
 2007  Michael A. McRee, Leadershape
 2006  Ginny Carroll, inGiNuity
 2005  Marilyn Fordham, Delta Gamma Fraternity
 2004  David B. Stollman, CAMPUSPEAK
 2003  Karyn Nishimura Sneath, Npower
 2002  Jon Hockman
 2001  Dr. Will Keim
 2000  William Jenkins, Phi Kappa Tau Foundation
 1999  T.J. Sullivan, CAMPUSPEAK, Inc.
 1998  Jonathan J. Brant, National Interfraternity Conference
 1997  Drew Hunter, BACCHUS & GAMMA Peer Education Network
 1996  William Schwartz, Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity
 1995  Maureen Syring, Delta Gamma Fraternity
 1994  Joel Goldman, OTH Consultants
 1993  Daisy M. Wood, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.
 1992  Betty Woods, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity
 1991  Chuck Loring, Phi Sigma Kappa, National Interfraternity Conference
 1990  Dr. Moses C. Norman
 1989  Ed Pease, Indiana State University
 1988  T.J. Schmitz, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
 1987  Dave Westol, Theta Chi Fraternity
 1986  George W. Spaysk,  Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 
 1985  Mary Burt Nash, Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity
 1984  Eileen Stevens, C.H.U.C.K. 
 1983  Betty Mullins Jones,  Alpha Phi Fraternity
 1982  Jack L. Anson, National Interfraternity Conference


Dr. Robert A. Shaffer Award

This award is presented to an individual in the field of higher education who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to fraternities and sororities. The individual should have demonstrated a commitment to fostering positive change on college campuses through the advisement of the fraternity/sorority community, building partnerships in higher education and the interfraternal community, had positive and lasting impact on both campuses of employment and the profession of fraternity/sorority advising, and mentoring new and seasoned professionals. 

 Year   Recipient
 2019  Dr. Monica Lee Miranda, University of South Florida
 2018  Jennifer “JJ” Jones, Southern Methodist University
 2017  Mindy Sopher, North Carolina State University
 2016  Mandy Womack, University of San Diego
 2015  Charley Pride, Ph.D., Western Kentucky University
 2014  Anne Arseneau, College of William & Mary
 2013  Dr. Tisa Mason, Fort Hays State University
 2012  Doug Case, San Diego State University
 2011  Dr. Ron Binder, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
 2010  Dr. Larry W. Lunsford, Florida International University
 2009  Steve Veldkamp, Indiana University
 2008  Dr. William "Bill" Nelson, University of Iowa
 2007  Michael Hayes, University of Maryland
 2006  Jennifer Jones-Hall, Valparaiso University
 2005  Dr. Walter Kimbrough, Philander Smith College
 2004  Charles Warner, West Chester University
 2003  Dr. Charles Eberly, Eastern Illinois University
 2002  Judith A. Sindlinger, University of Central Florida
 2001  Daniel A. Williams, University of Oregon
 2000  Dr. Vic Boschini, Illinois State University
 1999  Shelley Sutherland, University of Oregon
 1998  Thomas J. "Sparky" Reardon, University of Mississippi
 1997  Wayne S. Colvin, Bowling Green State University
 1996  Barb Robel, Kansas State University
 1995  Dr. Drury G. Bagwell, University of Maryland
 1994  Dr. Edward Whipple, Bowling Green State University
 1993  Dr. Kent Gardner, University of Texas, Arlington
 1992  Carol Thompson, University of Arizona
 1991  Dr. Edward King, Bradley University
 1990  Dr. Richard McKaig, Indiana University
 1989  Barbie Tootle, The Ohio State University
 1988  Dr. Thomas G. Goodale, Virginia Tech University
 1987  Dr. Edward H. Hammond, Fort Hays State University
 1986  Dr. Stanley R. Levy, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
 1985  Dr. Robert Etheridge
 1984  Jayne Wade Anderson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
 1983  Dr. William Nester, University of Nebraska, Kearney
 1982  Dr. Karlem Riess, Tulane University
 1981  Herman B. Wells, Indiana University
 1980  Dr. Robert H. Shaffer, Indiana University


Sue Kraft Fussell Distinguished Service Award

This award was created in 1985 and re-named for AFA's second Executive Director, Sue Kraft Fussell, in 2006. The purpose of the award is to recognize individuals who have exhibited outstanding achievements in one or more of the following areas: service to AFA; programming and/or service which reaches beyond the recipient's campus/organization; development and research activities; and/or service to the college and fraternity/sorority communities. Sue Kraft Fussell Distinguished Service Awards will be presented to no more than five members of the Association each year.

 Year   Recipients
 2019  Dominic Greene, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity
 Dr. Byron Hughes, Virginia Tech
 Jennifer Leung, William & Mary
 Michelle Marchand, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity
 Kara Miller McCarty, Cornell University
 2018  Michelle Guobadia, UNC Charlotte
 Heather Matthews Kirk, North American Interfraternity Conference
 Justin J. Kirk, Delta Upsilon Fraternity
 Dave Conner, The College of New Jersey
 2017  Noah Borton, Delta Upsilon Fraternity
 Thad M. Doyle, University of Akron
 Jason R. Kilmer, Ph.D., University of Washington
 Juan R. Guardia, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
 Veronica H. Moore, Delta Upsilon Fraternity
 2016  Ashley Dye, University of Illinois
 Cassie Gerhardt, Ph.D., University of North Dakota
 Gentry McCreary, Ph.D., Dyad Strategies, LLC
 Beth Stathos, J.D., Chi Omega Fraternity
 2015  William Foran, North-American Interfraternity Conference
 Wendi Kinney, State University of New York Geneseo
 Jennifer Levering, Miami University
 Jeremiah Shinn, Ph.D., Boise State University
 Tim Wilkinson, Wake Forest University
 2014  Beth Conder, Butler University
 Dr. Anita Cory, University of Iowa
 Steve Whitby, Warehouse 242
 2013  Andrea Cooper, speaker, educator, advocate
 Lisa Fedler Swiontek, Sigma Kappa Foundation
 Kelly Jo Karnes, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
 2012  Dr. Tisa Mason, Fort Hays State University
 Kim Novak, NovakTalks
 Josh Orendi, Phired Up Productions
 Dr. Scott Reikofski, University of Pennsylvania
 2011  Dr. Grahaeme A. Hesp, Foundation for International Education
 Bonnie Wunsch, Alpha Epsilon Phi
 Carolyn E. Whittier, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
 Angela Guillory, Louisiana State University
 Dan Wrona, RISE Partnerships
 2010  Shelly Brown Dobek, North Carolina State University
 Amanda S. Bureau, CAE, CVA
 Laura Sweet, East Carolina University & Sigma Sigma Sigma
 Brian Tenclinger, Sigma Phi Epsilon
 Mandy Womack, University of San Diego 
 2009  Dan Bureau, Indiana University
 Dr. Lori Hart, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity & CAMPUSPEAK
 Deb Ensor, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity
 Jennifer Jones, Southern Methodist University
 Kyle Pendleton, Purdue University  
 2008  Jackie G. Isaacson, Phi Mu Fraternity
 Monica Lee Miranda Smalls, University of Rochester
 Rueben D. Perez, University of Kansas
 Todd C. Sullivan, University of Connecticut
 Matthew Supple, University of Maryland, College Park
 2007  Bethany Deines, Sigma Sigma Sigma
 Tracy Maxwell,
 Mindy Sopher, North Carolina State University
 Allison Swick-Duttine, SUNY Plattsburgh
 Amy Vojta, Rutgers University 
 2006  Ginny Carroll, inGinuity
 Cari Cook, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity
 Mitch Crane, CAMPUSPEAK
 Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects
 Patricia H. Goodfriend, Herff Jones, Inc.
 H. Robert Gordon, University of Arizona
 Thomas B. Jelke, t.jelke solutions
 Suzanne Kilgannon, DePaul University
 Mark Koepsell, Colorado State University
 Doug Lange, Evolve Learning
 Gregory S. Mason, University of Central Florida
 Mike McRee, LeaderShape
 Betty Quick, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority
 Wesley Schaub, Case Western Reserve University
 David L. Westol, Theta Chi Fraternity
 Shane L. Windmeyer, Lambda 10
 Betty Jeanne Wolfe Taylor, University of Texas, Austin
 2005  Jonathan Brant, Beta Theta Pi Foundation
 Anne Arseneau, College of William and Mary
 Mike Hayes, University of Maryland
 Mari Ann Callais
 Andy Robison, Purdue University/Theta Chi Fraternity
 2004  Libby Anderson, Central Missouri State University
 Jamison Keller, California State University, Northridge
 Megan Vadnais, Phi Kappa Tau
 Linda Wardhammar, Saint Louis University 
 2003  Rosalind Alderman, St. Mary's University
 Jane Campaigne, University of South Florida
 Angie Carr, University of Kansas
 Melissa Flanagan, University of Dayton 
 2002  Ellen Archibald, University of California, Los Angeles
 Genevieve Evans Taylor, University of South Dakota
 Jennifer Jones-Hall, Valparaiso University
 Thomas Murphy, Lycoming College
 Charlie Warner, West Chester University 
 2001  Scott Carter, University of California, Los Angeles
 Victor Felts, Louisiana State University
 Stephen Rupprecht, Drexel University
 Kaye Schendel, University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse
 Mary Beth Seiler, University of Michigan
 2000  JoAnn Arnholt, Rutgers University
 K. Megan Manning, Texas A&M University
 Beth Saul, University of Southern California
 Greg Singleton, University of Miami
 Tracy Stuck, The Ohio State University1999 
 Ron Binder, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
 Carole Cox, Ohio University
 Rick Morat, University of the Pacific
 Mark Potrafka, University of Missouri, Rolla
 Michael Wiseman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 1998  Rick Barnes, Texas Christian University
 Alison Bartel, University of Richmond
 Teresa Loser, DePauw University
 Judy Preston, University of Connecticut
 Pete Smithhisler, Colorado State University
 1997  Brian Breittholz, Miami University
 Ed Engelbride, SUNY Plattsburgh
 Dan Maxwell, University of Arizona
 Claudia Shamp, University of Georgia
 1996  Steve Dealph, Northwestern University 
 Rick Funk, Pennsylvania State University
 Charles Pride, Western Kentucky University
 Shelley Sutherland, University of Oregon 
 1995  Dr. Bridget Guernsey Riordan, Emory University 
 Derick Morat, University of the Pacific
 Sherri Sanders, University of Texas, Austin
 Terry Zacker, University of Maryland, College Park 
 1994  Patrick Naessens, University of the Pacific 
 William "Bill" Nelson, University of Kansas
 Aldous "Al" Page, (in memoriam) Syracuse University
 Richard "Chip" Voorneveld, College of Charleston 
 1993  Doug Case, San Diego State University 
 Melody Hokanson, University of South Carolina
 Marita Labedz-Poll, University of Rochester
 Barb Robel, Kansas State University 
 1992  Paul DeWine, University of California, San Diego
 Joni Knight Burke, University of Louisville
 Mary Peterson, University of Iowa
 Ellen Servetnick, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
 1991  Terry Appolonia, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
 Sonia ImMasche, Colorado State University
 Adlon Jorgensen, University of Illinois
 Barbara Ross, University of Southern Mississippi  
 1990  Gary Bonas, Villanova University
 Vic Boschini, Butler University
 Michael Hughes
 Barb Robel, Kansas State University
 Judy Trott, University of Mississippi
 1989  Larry Lunsford, Robert Morris College
 Jo Rumsey, University of Michigan
 Richard Walker, University of Miami
 Ed Whipple, Eastern Montana University
 1988  Dino DiBernardi, Appalachian State University 
 Patrick Farley, Duquesne University
 Kim Padulo, University of San Diego
 Barbie Tootle, The Ohio State University 
 1987  Craig Peterson, Clarkson University
 Thomas "Sparky" Reardon, University of Mississippi
 Michael Shonrock, Texas Tech University
 Carol Thompson, University of Arizona 
 1986  Bud Richey, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge 
 Michael Schermer, Illinois State University
 Shelley Sutherland, Indiana State University 
 1985  Bill Brennan, Oregon State University 
 Wayne Colvin, Bowling Green State University
 Jim Gibson, Indiana University
 Jill Harbin, Transylvania University 


Gayle Webb New Professional Award

This award was established in 1990 and re-named for AFA's first Executive Director, Gayle Webb, upon her retirement in 1999. The purpose is to annually recognize outstanding contributions to the field of fraternity/sorority advising by one AFA member who is a campus-based professional and one AFA member who is an inter/national organization staff member during the individual’s first three years of association membership (not inclusive of time as a graduate student or inter/national organization consultant). Nominees will be judged on achievements in their professional experience and impact at either a college/university or as part of an inter/national organization staff, contributions to the field of fraternity and sorority advising broadly including association service, and outstanding projects/program/initiatives implemented during their professional experience. Two awards may be given each year, one to a campus-based professional, and one to a headquarters professional.

 Year   Recipient
 2019  Jessica Ashton, East Carolina University
 Brooke Goodman, Delta Phi Epsilon
 2018  Hunter Hartwig, The Ohio State University
 2017  Brittany Barnes, Purdue University
 Kate Wehby, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority
 2016  Bonny Shade, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
 2015  James Crawford, Vanderbilt University
 2014  Leslie Schacht, University of Iowa
 2013  Christina Wellhouser, University of California, Berkeley
 2012  Alex Brown, Keene State College
 2011  Annie Carlson, University of Oregon
 2010  Michelle Marchand, Lehigh University
 2009  Veronica Hunter, Lehigh University
 2008  Lindsay Sell, University of Connecticut
 2007  Amy Rosen, Otterbein College
 2006  Shannon Greybar Milliken, DePaul University
 2005  Megan Johnson, Dartmouth College
 2004  Kyle F. Jordan, Washington State University
 2003  Nicole Manley, Duke University
 2002  Nathan Thomas, Bradley University
 2001  Todd Sullivan, Florida International University
 2000  Dan Bureau, University of New Mexico
 1999  Jon Ness, Loyola University, New Orleans
 1998  Mike McRee, University of Oregon
 1997  Stephen Rupprecht, Pennsylvania State University
 1996  Mary Beth Carroll, University of South Carolina
 1995  Thomas Jelke, Florida State University
 1994  Walter Kimbrough, Emory University
 1993  Noel Landuyt, University of Texas, Austin
 1992  Joseph Bertolino, East Stroudsburg University
 1991  Mark Latimer, University of Oregon
 1990  R. Brit Katz, Northeast Louisiana University


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