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Welcome to the AFA Foundation Day of Giving!

The AFA Foundation Day of Giving is an annual social media-based, online giving, 24-hour fundraising event taking place Tuesday, June 9, 2020.
The 2020 AFA Foundation Day of Giving will operate a little differently than years past. This year, it is about those who inspire us, bring us joy, or lift us up.


Honor or Celebrate Someone Today!

Day of Giving: Giving Hope & Celebrating Others

Even in this time of uncertainty, we have been certain of the resiliency of our amazing members and higher education partners. We understand that many of you had to cancel or postpone programs and support students virtually, and we recognize the inventive and innovative new plans you have put in place.

Over the past few months, the AFA Foundation has thought deliberately about how to best serve the association through securing, investing, and distributing the necessary resources to further the fraternity/sorority advising profession. At the core of all of this has been you.

Just as your campuses and organizations are paving new pathways forward, AFA and the AFA Foundation are doing our best to ensure the learning and connection can continue in this unconventional environment. We do this because we believe in you, in our profession, and in our future. 

Because we believe, we hope you will too.

Because, if you believe, we will be able to ensure high-quality resources, online education, continued research, scholarships, and more.

Because, if you believe, we can make our communities, fellow professionals, and future advisors the best they can be.

Because, when you believe, we have hope.

We hope you join us to leave an incredible impact.

This year, the AFA Foundation Day of Giving is about those who inspire us, bring us joy, or lift us up. We ask that because you believe, to join us in honoring our peers and colleagues that impact us, our organizations, our students, and our profession every day. As you are able, we encourage you to give $19.76 in honor of individuals who have impacted you

AFA and the AFA Foundation acknowledge and are sensitive to our current environments and uncertainty of what lies ahead. We know many of you have faced extreme hardships and experienced tough days, but we hope you can join us on Tuesday, June 9, either through financial donations or donations of the spirit. Your dollars and your time go towards honoring and celebrating your fellow peers and colleagues.


Day of Giving: Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Over the past few months, AFA has been working closely with Dr. Jordan S. West to evaluate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the association. After conducting a member-wide survey and intentional focus groups, Dr. West is now compiling a comprehensive report. While we do not yet have the report results, AFA and the AFA Foundation know there will be work to do. We welcome Dr. West’s recommendations later this month, and in anticipation of this work, the AFA Foundation is committed to securing funds for education and programs related to DEI.

We recognize that the AFA Foundation is in a unique position to support the DEI work that impacts the fraternity/sorority experience industry-wide. We also know that DEI efforts are far more wide-reaching than a one-time program, and that a culture of equity and inclusion must be infused into all that we do. As a charitable foundation, we are able to raise funds that enable AFA to provide training and education to equip our members with the skills and resources needed to challenge and bring about change to unjust systems.

Simply put, the more we are educated about DEI through programs and initiatives, the more we can support our students.

To help secure these funds, we invite you to join us on Tuesday, June 9 for the AFA Foundation Day of Giving. The Foundation will allocate 50 percent of all unrestricted donations received during the day to go towards education and programs related to DEI. The remaining 50 percent will be spent on the other educational programming initiatives of the association as well as staff support, both necessary to help deliver these crucial outcomes.

We have established a collective goal of $15,000 to be raised on the Day of Giving and held specifically for work outlined in the DEI report. To help kickstart this effort, the members of the AFA board and the AFA Foundation board have collectively pledged more than $5,000 to go towards education and this important cause for our membership.


Day of Giving: Celebrating 1976 & Promises of Time

To celebrate our rich history, the AFA Foundation is creating a $19.76 gift amount for the Day of Giving. Every individual who was honored or celebrated with a gift during the Day of Giving will receive a message from the AFA Foundation letting them know a donation was made in their name.

We also know every cent counts and budgets are tight, so even if you are not able to join financially, we hope you are able to join us on June 9 through a promise of your time.

  • Take 5 minutes to say hi to a friend.
  • 10 minutes to check in on a mentor.
  • 20 minutes to check in on a mentee.
  • 30 minutes to connect with a professional not on your campus or in your organization.
  • 40 minutes to write notes to those who inspire you.
  • 50 minutes to thank members in your community like first responders and essential workers.
  • 60 minutes to follow up with students, especially those who need words of encouragement.

Also, use #AFAGIVES on June 9 to share how you are honoring and celebrating those who bring you hope.

Thank You 2020 Day of Giving Participants!

2020 Day of Giving Donors
Abby Elrod
Allison Foster
Allison Rickels
Andrea Kovachy
Andy Huston
Ashley Dye
Brooke Goodman
Carolyn Whittier
Charles Pride
Christian Wiggins
Claire Dixon
Elizabeth Corridan
Erin McHale
Fran Becque
Gary Ballinger
Gary Wiser
Geri Henshell
Gillermo Flores
Ginny-Beth Joiner
Grant Parker
Gregory Singleton
Hara Henshell
Hunter Carlheim
Jen Dickinson
Jenni Jones
Jennifer Jardine
Jennifer Pierce
Jill Courson Mahar
Jonathan Brant
Joni Burke
Juan Guardia
Kara Miller McCarty
Karen Reece
Katie Abernathy
Kollin Fitzpatrick
Kristen Kardas
Kristin Tofanelli
Lindsay Jarman
Liz Cadwell
Lori Hart
Lynn McGraw
Mandy Womack
Margaret Darden
Michele Camarco
Michelle Ardern
Oriana Bertucci
Pamela Nix
Rachel Westra
Samantha Bosacki
Saralyn Heath
Shannon Benson
Shawn Eagleburger
Thad Doyle
Travis Smith
Victor & Megan Boschini
William Cangialosi

Day of Giving FAQs

For more about the 2020 AFA Foundation Day of Giving, please view the frequently asked questions below:


Q. Where is my gift most needed?

The area of greatest need is the Annual Fund, which allows us to allocate resources wherever the need is the greatest.


Q. Is there a suggested minimum gift amount?

For gifts processed through our Day of Giving platform, the suggested minimum gift amount is $19.76. This gift amount is also the founding year of AFA! Every person you honor or celebrate with a gift of $19.76 will receive a note letting them know of your donation in their name. 


Q. What else can I do to participate in the Day of Giving?

Post about the Day of Giving on your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat, using #AFAGIVES. Also, make promises of your time to honor or celebrate those in your personal and professional life.


Q. How do I set up a recurring gift?

If you wish to make your Day of Giving donation a recurring gift to the AFA Foundation, we will count the yearly amount towards your Annual giving level. That means a recurring gift of $19.76 per month will put you in the 1976 Club. When filling out your donation form, please make this designation.


Q. How can I find out my lifetime giving to the Foundation? 

Please email the AFA Foundation if you would like to know your lifetime giving before making your Day of Giving gift! 


Q. Is my Day of Giving gift tax-deductible?

Yes. Your gift is tax-deductible to the AFA Foundation as a 501(c)3 charitable organization and will help support the educational programs for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. You will receive an email confirmation that serves as your receipt for tax purposes to the extent allowable by IRS regulations.


Q. Do I have to give online?

Giving online is the easiest way to make a donation. However, we welcome gifts by phone or mail as well. To make a gift by phone, call (970) 797-4361. To give by mail, address your gift to: AFA Foundation, 8741 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268.


Q. Whom do I contact with additional questions?

Email us with any additional questions or call us at (970) 797-4361.


Q. Where do I go to make a donation?

Click here to make your Day of Giving donation.

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