First 90 Days
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Monday, September 14 - Monday, December 14

As a member of AFA, you have the awesome responsibility and privilege of being a leader. The impact of the work you do is much broader than you may realize. This is not just another job or volunteer opportunity. It's a chance to instill and nurture the values we believe in and the principles we stand for in the young people who will lead our country, businesses, and communities one day.

The First 90 Days program, made possible through a generous gift from Sigma Chi Fraternity to the AFA Foundation and developed by RISE Partnerships,helps new fraternity/sorority professionals acclimate to one of the most unique roles in higher education. Through a series of interactive web conference sessions and special projects, participants build their networks, understand their positions, and learn how to put their expertise into practice.

The program has been designed based on a needs assessment of fraternity/sorority professionals and stakeholders at every level of expertise. The result is a developmental experience that provides clear expectations about what it means to be a campus-based professional and helps participants transition into the role more effectively.

During the program, participants interact with a variety of colleagues to build a network of expertise that they can draw upon throughout their career. They integrate professional philosophy into daily practice, and work with their supervisor to clarify what is expected of a fraternity/sorority professional. The experience also helps participants identify their continued professional development needs and aspirations beyond the program.

The program involves weekly web conference sessions that involve delivery of information, panel discussions, question/answer time, and small group discussions. Participants will further explore content delivered during the live sessions through private reflection, paired and small group conversation, and activities outside these sessions. This will include diagrams, drawing, writing and thinking, shared journaling, and completion of projects.

Whether you've just started, or are several months into your new job, the First 90 Days Program is designed for those who are eager to improve themselves so that they may better serve those they lead. The program is best suited to new fraternity/sorority professionals in their first year of practice.

Want to learn more? Here are a few testimonies about the program:

Meghan Bullard, M.S.
Coordinator, Fraternity & Sorority Life Programs
University of Iowa

“The First 90 Days program encouraged me to think outside of my comfort zone, to consider the connections in all areas of my work that benefit students, and to recognize that professional development isn’t something that happens once a year at a conference. In creating a mind map and a professional development plan, I was able to set myself up for success for the rest of my career and to form relationships with others in the same professional stage. I am forever grateful to the First 90 Days program and couldn’t recommend it more!”


Kollin Fitzpatrick, M.Ed
Office of Greek Life, Assistant Director
Ball State University

"The First 90 Days program was extremely helpful in my transition into my first full-time role in fraternity and sorority life! I established a new network of colleagues and friends while learning more about myself and pushing through the challenges in our field. I would definitely recommend to a first time professional to participate if they have the resources to."


Schedule at a Glance

First 90 Days meets weekly on Mondays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET.  Each week will alternate between facilitated sessions with the full First 90 Days cohort and small group discussions. See below for schedule information.

Date Format Topic
Monday, September 14 Full Cohort The Challenge
Monday, September 21 Small Groups Are You Ready?
Monday, September 28 Full Cohort The Collaborators
Monday, October 5 Small Groups Building Connections
Monday, October 12 Full Cohort The Fraternity/Sorority Professional
Monday, October 19 Small Groups Understanding Partners
Monday, October 26 Full Cohort The Interfraternal Landscape
Monday, November 2 Small Groups Integrating Principles
Monday, November 9 Full Cohort Managing Up
Monday, November 16 Small Groups Managing Relationships
Monday, November 23 Full Cohort Knowledge and Skills
Monday, December 14 Full Cohort My Professional Identity


Participants should dedicate approximately 2 hours per week, and their direct supervisors should expect to participate in and support specific activities. If you are not available during the time noted above, we still encourage you to register as all sessions will be recorded. 

For more about the program, and a detailed schedule, click for the 2020 First 90 Days syllabus.


Facilitator information

Dr. Arthur E. Doctor, Jr. 
Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life | University of Mississippi

Prior to his time at the University of Mississippi, Dr. Doctor served the fraternity and sorority communities at Emory University and Florida State University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in history from Clemson University, Master of Science in higher education administration from Florida State University, and Doctor of Education in student affairs leadership from the University of Georgia. In addition to holding membership in AFA since 2011, Dr. Doctor is a member of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) and the Southern Association for College Student Affairs (SACSA).  Dr. Doctor is an active and financial member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, in which he serves at the district, regional, and national levels. He is excited about the opportunity to give back to AFA by investing in the growth of our newest professionals through the First 90 Days program! 


Jess Turuc 
Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life | University of Utah 

Jess has spent the past decade advising, educating, and developing fraternity/sorority communities across the country at Michigan Technological University, Georgia Southern University, and East Carolina University. Jess has earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication and cultural studies from Michigan Technological University, where she joined Theta Chi Epsilon sorority, and her Master of Education in higher education administration from Georgia Southern University. Aside from the work she does on her campus, Jess serves on the National Panhellenic Conference’s Fraternity/Sorority Advisory Committee, the institutional representative for Utah NASPA, DanceMarathon advisor, and as a volunteer for several inter/national fraternities and sororities facilitating leadership and harm reduction programs. Since 2009, Jess has been a member of NASPA and AFA. She believes that our work as FSA’s is challenging, especially during these times, but is also rewarding and because of this, she’s excited to connect with, and invest in, new professionals in our field through the First 90 Days program!


Supervisor Information

Supervisors, there is a small time commitment on your end with the First 90 Days program. We will provide you with reflection questions to utilize with your staff member completing the First 90 Days program during your one-on-one meetings. The hope is these discussions will provide a well-rounded experience where participants are learning from our program facilitators but also integrating the learning into their work with you and your community. The time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours a month.



The registration fee is $99. 

Registration opens on Wednesday, July 22 and ends on Friday, September 4. You must be a member of AFA to participate, so you will need to first log in to your AFA account to register. 

Register now!



Please email Diana Coyle, director of education & programs, with any questions. Please note, registration for the 2020 First 90 Days program will close on Friday, September 4.
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