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The field of fraternity/sorority advising is incredibly dynamic. For graduate students especially, there a multitude of experiences and opportunities to navigate. With understanding your core values as the basis, the Graduate Training Track (GTT) will help graduate students develop a philosophy and approach to their work, understand the practical application of the AFA Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession, identify and navigate key organizational dynamics, and develop initial strategies for change management.

GTT is endowed by Michelle Guobadia, associate dean of students and director for fraternity/sorority life at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. GTT programming is made possible through a generous gift from Michelle Guobadia through an endowment with the AFA Foundation.


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If you have any questions regarding the Graduate Training Track webinar, please contact Diana Coyle, director of education & programs.


Know Your Worth! Making the Most of Your Job Search
Abstract: So, you’re graduating soon and entering the job search, huh?! Join this Graduate Training Track webinar as we explore job search preparation; from phone interviews to on-site interviews. Presenters will share questions you should be asking, negotiation tips, and strategies to identify your non-negotiables. This isn’t a webinar to miss, we plan on sharing tips we wish we’d known years ago! Presented by Kim Monteaux De Freitas, Ohio State University, and Elyse Gambardella, Tri Delta Executive Office.
Managing Relationships with Administration
Abstract: Dr. Kevin Bailey is a highly regarded educator with nearly 30 years experience on college campuses across the country, he currently serves as vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During the program, Dr. Bailey will share insight on a variety of topics including what he looks for in a new professional, skills he sees needing further development in recent graduates, and how to cultivate and sustain relationships with upper-level administration.
Finding Comfort Within the Uncomfortable: A Framework for Developing Confidence and Competence in Navigating the Transition Process
Abstract: Did you just finish your first year of graduate school and are still feeling unsure about what the next year holds? Maybe you just graduated and are preparing to begin a new full-time position. Regardless of the circumstance, transitions can be intimidating, exciting, nerve-wracking, rejuvenating, and so many other feelings rolled into one. As with any change process, it is important to understand yourself, your values and priorities, and how you can best position yourself for navigating the challenges and opportunities that will inevitably emerge along the way. Presented by: Brooke Goodman, Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, & Kyle Martin, Eastern Michigan University.


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