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The Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors exists as a volunteer‐driven organization, and its success relies upon the effectiveness of its volunteers. The association, through its Volunteer Management Plan, incorporates a holistic approach to the volunteer experience. The recruitment, training, evaluation, and recognition of association volunteers is essential, and it is AFA’s belief that all aspects must work in conjunction with the others to be most effective. Please use the links below to explore current and past AFA volunteers.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of AFA. It is through the strength and commitment of our volunteers that the association remains responsive to its membership. AFA volunteers are an essential vehicle for identifying the opportunities and challenges facing the fraternity and sorority profession. Through our volunteer management program, leaders from all aspects of fraternity and sorority advising are brought together to help AFA make the best decisions in moving forward.

Below are the volunteer opportunities available to the association membership:

All persons serving on committees, editorial boards, or workgroups are required to be current members of the association during their terms of appointment.


Volunteer Guidelines

With the exception of the publication editors and Perspectives board, all chair and committee positions are 1 year appointments beginning January 1 and concluding on December 31.

All chairs, editors, or liaisons report to a member of the AFA staff. The qualifications and terms of appointment for all volunteers shall be determined by the AFA staff, with the approval of the board of directors.

In accordance with the bylaws, appointed volunteers may be removed from their position, without notice, by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the board of directors.


Volunteer Training

Initial training and committee meetings will be conducted online.. Chairpersons and the AFA staff will provide the committee-specific trainings.

Please contact Joslyn McGriff, assistant executive director, with any questions.

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