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After receiving mixed reviews from the membership, the Fireside Chats working group was created to explore the purpose, value, and format of the Fireside Chat program. This working group of AFA members diligently assessed and redesigned this experience to create our newest Annual Meeting experience, AFA Exchange.

AFA Exchange takes the place of the former Fireside Chats program, and is a brand new approach placing the value of collaborative experiences as the key to success for our campuses, organizations, and most importantly our membership.

The why behind this offering is made clear in our philosophy statement:

“Placing emphasis on the value of the fraternal experience, AFA Exchange allows for the interaction between interfraternal and institutional partners. The purpose of these interactions is to develop collaborative relationships that lead to sustained conversations throughout the year and facilitate the sharing of ideas and issues that will assist in providing a constructive experience for undergraduate development.”

At this year’s Annual Meeting, we are excited to announce two Exchange experiences!

  • The Growth Exchange
    The first exchange will be solely focused on extension and/or expansion of organizations and campuses. We ask campuses that are open to supporting new groups from any council to host an informational table. Inter/national organizations who wish to pursue organizational growth on a particular campus will have the opportunity to exchange information with the campus representative during this time.

All organizations are able to participate, and we strongly encourage our umbrella groups to visit with campuses at this experience. If your campus wishes to sign up for this particular experience, please mark your registration accordingly. Please note, no matching will be made as this is an "all skate" style program.


  • The Collegiate Experience Exchange
    The second exchange is dedicated to organizations and current chapters on campuses. The feedback we received pointed to the need for a focused effort on creating conversations outside of membership growth requests. This year, when campuses and organizations register for The Collegiate Experience Exchange, they will select their desired meeting campus/organization and the general purpose of the meeting from the following options:
  • Health & Safety Concerns
  • Professional Introduction/Relationship Building
  • Sustainability/Retention Issues
  • New Chapter Support
  • Chapter or Alumni Leadership Concerns
  • General Chapter Operations or Performance
  • Bias or Community Wide Issues

We hope being able to provide all parties with a high-level reason for the exchange will make the conversations more purposeful and will eliminate any surprises. Campuses and organizations must register for the program by clicking on the link below. Please select at least one entity you would like to meet with. If you do not identify all seven opportunities, we will assign the open opportunities to those who indicated they would like to meet with you.

Please note, we provide one table per registration. We do not provide a table per representative registered for the Annual Meeting. Therefore, if your organization has a large team of chapter service providers, please make sure all individuals who wish to have a table register for one individually. Due to space constraints, if schedules for organizations are incomplete, we will combine tables to ensure maximum participation.

We are excited for the fresh new take on a former program and its new philosophy! We will continue to provide you with ways to maximize the AFA Exchange program, starting as early as your request for meetings and following after your exchange occurs at the Annual Meeting. We hope this experience and its continued development will serve you with meaningful collaborations, exchanging of ideas, and ensuring partnerships with all stakeholders!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Will Frakenberger, AFA Exchange chair.

Also, many thanks to our work group for their dedication and hard work! They are: Hailey Mangrum, Taylor Dwyer, Leslie Schacht Drey, Kari Murphy, Jeff Szumanski, Bryan Cotton, Christina Luna, and Libby Anderson

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