AFA Foundation Day of Giving


Welcome to the AFA Foundation Day of Giving!

The AFA Foundation Day of Giving is an annual social media-based, online giving, 24-hour fundraising event taking place Thursday, June 6, 2019.
Our goal is to raise $25,000 through the gifts of 350 donors. Day of Giving allows you to show your colleagues, institutions, national/international headquarters, and graduate students that you are invested in them with a gift to the AFA-Foundation.


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Day of Giving Challenges

We are excited to offer the below challenges for the 2019 Day of Giving! A special thank you to Bonny Shade, RISE Partnerships, and The Catalyst Agency for your dedication to enhancing the fraternity/sorority experience. 

If you would like your donation to go towards a particular challenge, please use the "COMMENTS" box on the donation page to indicate which challenge you would like it to go to.

The Shade Challenge


The Shade Challenge is brought to you by Bonny Shade, Associate Director for Fraternity/Sorority Life at the University of North Carolina Charlotte & Chief Culture Officer/ Speaker at ForCollegeForLife. Bonny will match dollar for dollar gifts up to $1,500 to fund the Mid-Career Seminar at the #AFAAM. Your gifts, plus Bonny’s match, will equal $3,000 for mid-career education!

The RISE Challenge


For the second year, RISE Partnerships will support the AFA Foundation through a gift of $50 for every new recurring gift that is established on the Day of Giving, up to 30 new recurring gifts. These gifts can be restricted or unrestricted per the new recurring gift donors intent.

The Catalyst Challenge


The Catalyst Agency is partnering with the Foundation for a second year in providing a challenge for new donors! The Catalyst Agency will match each new gift, dollar for dollar, up to $1,500 on the Day of Giving. This challenge allows you to double the impact of your first gift to the AFA Foundation!

The AFAF Board Challenge


The AFA Foundation Board is challenging all previous donors who have not yet made a gift during the 2019 fiscal year (September 1, 2018- June 6, 2019). Members of the AFA Foundation Board will give $50 for every gift received from a previous donor, up to 60 gifts. This is the ideal time to make your gift to the AFA Foundation!


Day of Giving Updates

The 2019 Day of Giving is here! As of 5:30 p.m. EDT, we have completed the Shade Challenge, the Catalyst Challenge, and the Foundation Board Challenge!


Why I Give

  • Nicki Rowlett - Nicki Rowlett's first gift to the AFA Foundation was in 2013 at her first Annual Meeting. Now, she serves as the Region Director for Region 3. Nicki chose to support AFA’s Inaugural Day of Giving because “The more experience I have in our industry, the more I realize how valuable a monetary gift is to an organization, and how it can help elevate the membership experience for the future. Seeing a how this "full circle thinking" came from my experience in fraternity/sorority life, I wanted to give back to the industry in hopes to start that cycle for someone else.” #AFAGIVES


  • Shane Taylor - Shane Taylor began donating to AFA in 2014. “I participated in the Graduate Training Track in 2014 and the New Professionals Institute in 2016. These two experiences really set a solid foundation for me as a professional because I was able to learn from seasoned professionals in the field about the in and outs of being an excellent advisor for collegiate students at any institution.” Shane credits AFA for making the professional he is today and AFA’s investment in him. #AFAGIVES

Thank You 2019 Day of Giving Participants!

2019 Day of Giving Donors
As of 11:00 a.m. EDT on Friday, June 7, we have over 360 donors! Thank you to the following:

Aaron Girson
Abby Elrod
Abby Rowe Erwin
Abigail Wallace
Adam Joiner
Alex Brown
Ali Cartwright
Alison Burke
Alison Foster
Allen White
Allison Rickels
Alpha Chi Omega
Amanda Fishman
Amanda Segrest
Amanda Sloan
Amanda Wickham
Amne Harrington
Amy Vojta
Andrea Kovachy
Andrea Starks-Corbin
Andrew Hohn
Andy Alt
Andy Huston
Angela Bong
Angie Zemke
Ann Dahne
Anna Baldasarre
Anna Kate Sumler
Anne Arseneau
Anne Bruno
Anne Strickland
Archie Messersmith-Bunting
Arleny Alvarez-Pena
Ashley Christman
Ashley Dye
Ashley Karth
Ashly Horton
Austin Anderson
Ben Pendry
Beth Conder Cline
Bethany Hettinger
Bill Jenkins
Billy Boulden
Bobbi Larsen
Bonnie Wunsch
Brandon Cutler
Branwyn Holder
Brent Gruing
Brian Breittholtz
Brieanna Criscione
Brittany Booth
Brittany Ferguson-Mike
Brooke Goodman
Brooke Scogin
Bryan Hartzell
Byron Harris
Byron Hughes
Caitlyn Zang
Carolyn Whittier
Carrie Clifford
Cassie Gerhardt
Catherine Weiser
Chad Ellsworth
Chad Harris
Chad Warrick
Charles Eberly
Charlie Warner
Chase Rumley
Chi Epsilon
Chris Graham
Chris Jefferson
Christian Wiggins
Christopher Mueller
Claire Dixon
Claire Kegley
Cody Farrill
Coley Nelson
Corry Smith
Cristina Perez-Simmons
Dale Adams
Dan and Amanda Bureau
Dan Fail
Dan Hartmann
Dan Wrona
Daniel McBurney
Danielle Ford
Dave Conner
David Rind
David Sergi
David Sommers
David Stollman
David Westol
Dawn Victor-Herring
Deborah Friedman
Destiny Savage
Dexter Bush-Scott
Diana Coyle
Diane Eggert
Dick McKaig
Dinah Thompson
DJ Mahoney
Dominic Greene
Donald Abels
Donald Beeson
Donna Stallard
Drew Hopson
Eli Argeta
Elisabeth Gilmore
Elizabeth Longmire
Elizabeth Mazorowicz
Elizabeth Sarnesto
Ellen Elmore
Elyse Gambardella
Emilie Dye
Emily Kunkle
Emily Perrin Britt
Erik Cote
Erik Silvola
Erin McHale
Ethan Bell
Ethan Stubbs
Evan Englander
FarmHouse Fraternity
Fran Becque
Fred Dobry
Gabriel Eckert
Gary Wiser
George Miller
Geri Henshell
Ginny-Beth Joiner
Grant Parker
Greg Singleton
Guillermo Flores
Hallie Rutt
Hannah Cotton
Hannah Rowley
Hannah Seoh
Hara Henshell
Holly Weakland
Hunter Hartwig
Huong Truong
Jackie Isaacson
Jacob Ellis
James and Tina Robilotta
Jan Maisch
Jana Lynn Patterson
Janna Basler Bredeson
Jason Anhorn
Jason Bergeron
Jason Frampton
Jason Paul Gomez
Jazmin Pulley
JB Goll
JD Louk
Jeff Rundle
Jenna Lyons Lowe
Jenna Pendry
Jenni Jones
Jenni Levering
Jennifer Dickinson
Jennifer Jardine
Jennifer Jones-Hall
Jennifer Leung
Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Webb
Jeremy Keller
Jess Turuc
Jesse Hitt
Jessica Oswald
Jessica Ryan
Jessica Sheridan
Jessica Sopko
Jessie Ashton
Jessie Stapleton
Jill Mahar
Jill Petrey
Jim Barber
Jim Paponetti
Jodean Schmiederer
John Logan
John Mountz
Joni Burke
Jordie Jackson
Josh Doak
Josh Welch
Joslyn McGriff
Juan Guardia
Jud Horras
Judy Whittier
Jules Henshell
Juli Willeman
Julie Johnson
Julie Ramsey
Julie Wisbrock
June Byrd
Justin Angotti
Justin Fisher
Kara Miller
Kari Murphy
Kate Roessler
Kate Steiner
Katherine Pezzella
Kathleen Penney
Katie Abernathy
Katie Borza
Katie Gaffin
Katie Schneider
Katrina Crawford
Keith Garcia
Kelly Jo Karnes
Kelly Phillips
Kelsey Morrissey
Kelvin Rodriguez
Kendall Niccum
Kenny Oubre
Kevin Bailey
Kevin Saberre
Kim Monteaux
Kim Novak
Kira Taylor
Koby Harrington
Kollin Fitzpatrick
Kris Bridges
Kristen Kardas
Kristen Torrey
Kristin Tofanelli
Kyle Dupper
Kyle Fowler
Kyle Miller
Kyle Pendleton
Lauren Hopkins
Lauren Moran
Lauren Smith
Lawrence Ross
Leonard Serrato
Leslie Schacht Drey
Libby Anderson
Lindsay Jarman
Lindsey Dever
Logan Davis
Lori Hart
Lynda Wiley
Lynn McGraw
M. Spencer Hudec
Mackenzie Baker
Malcolm McDaniel
Mandy Womack
Marc Mores
Margaret Darden
Marshall Despain
Martin Cobb
Mary Lakes
Matt Lenno
Matthew Richardson
Mckenzie Lipman
McKenzie Walsh
Meg Pevarski
Megan Wick
Meghan Bullard
Michael Goodman
Michael Schultz
Michael Wilson
Michael Wiseman
Michaela Norton
Michele Peterson
Michelle Castro
Michelle Guobadia
Michelle Janisz
Michelle McNuty
Miedriech Lukas
Mike Hayes
Molly Young
Monica Miranda
Morgan Brickley
Natalie Padron
Neil Steinglein
Nick Zuniga
Nicki Rowlett
Noah Reetz
Olivia Farkas
Olivia Murphy
Pamela Stephens-Jackson
Patrick Jessee
Phil Fernandez
Phoebe Galbraith
Rachel Westra
Rachelle Stephens
Rafael Zapata
Richard Walker
Robbie Miller
Robert Dudolski
Robert Marias
Robin Davis
Ron Ransom
Ryan Lovell
Ryan Lugabihl
Ryan Manning
Ryan Vonderhaar
Salem Awwad
Sam Friday
Sami Bosacki
Sarah Franciscus
Sarah Huntington
Sarah Shepherd
Saralyn Heath
Scott Smith
Shane Jacques
Shannon Cohen
Shawn/Chase Eagleburger/Sechrist
Shelby Shafer
Shelly Brown Dobek
Sonia ImMasche
Stefania Rudd
Stephanie Baldwin
Stephen Dominy
Stephen Rupprecht
Steve Latour
Steve Priepke
Steve Whitby
Sue Kraft Fussell
Susan Canady
Susan West
Suzette Walden Cole
Tanner Marcantel
Tavianna Williams
Taylor Dwyer
Taylor Sevik
Taylor Shaw
Thad Doyle
Thomas Marten
Todd Rotgers
Todd Simmons
Torrie Jackson
Torry McDermott
Trace Camacho
Trish Robinson
Tyler Havens
Tyler Huddleston
Tyler Manning
Vance Pierce
Viancca Williams
Vic Boschini
Vicki Gerentes
Vince Fabra
Vincent Bowhay
Wendi Kinney
Will Frankenburger
William Sigmon
William Takewell
Zachary Lepperd
Zane Carlson

Day of Giving FAQs

For more about the 2019 AFA Foundation Day of Giving, please view the frequently asked questions below:


Q. Where is my gift most needed?

The area of greatest need is the Annual Fund, which allows us to allocate resources wherever the need is the greatest.


Q. Is there a minimum gift amount?

For gifts processed through our Day of Giving platform, the minimum gift amount is $10. 


Q. Can I designate My Gift? 

Absolutely! You can choose from among many giving opportunities or challenges. What matters most is that you make a gift. Simply choose your designation under “Donation” on the online giving page. There is also a selection option for “Other.” If you don’t wish to prioritize a specific challenge, you may donate to the unrestricted fund, which allocates your donation to an area of greatest need.


Q. What else can I do to participate in the Day of Giving?

Post about the Day of Giving on your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat, using #AFAGIVES.


Q. How do I set up a recurring gift?

If you wish to make your Day of Giving donation a recurring gift to the AFA Foundation, we will count the yearly amount towards your Annual giving level. That means a recurring gift of $17 per month will put you in the 1976 Club. When filling out your donation form, please make this designation.


Q. How can I find out my lifetime giving to the Foundation? 

Please email Carrie Whittier if you would like to know your lifetime giving before making your Day of Giving gift! 


Q. Is my Day of Giving gift tax-deductible?

Yes. Your gift is tax-deductible to the AFA Foundation as a 501(c)3 charitable organization and will help support the educational programs for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. You will receive an email confirmation that serves as your receipt for tax purposes to the extent allowable by IRS regulations.


Q. Do I have to give online?

Giving online is the easiest way to make a donation. However, we welcome gifts by phone or mail as well. To make a gift by phone, call (970) 797-4361. To give by mail, address your gift to: AFA Foundation, 865 West Carmel Drive, Suite 116, Carmel, IN 46032


Q. Whom do I contact with additional questions?

Email us with any additional questions or call us at (970) 797-4361.


Q. Where do I go to make a donation?

Click here to make your Day of Giving donation.

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